lewis & rose marc de champagne truffles

Lewis & Rose Marc de Champagne Truffles

Who: Lewis & Rose

What: Marc de Champagne Truffles

Where: Confectionery

How much: Rsp: £3.99 for a 63g box

Why: Brits are buying less chocolate. Volume sales last year fell 3% as consumers sought ways to cut down on sugar [Nielsen 52 w/e 10 October 2015]. But a move towards premiumisation meant value sales remained flat, with strong growth for brands such as Lindt and Green & Black’s. Lewis & Rose hopes to capitalise on this with its Marc de Champagne truffles. Launched in February, the truffles have a champagne ganache centre. The range also includes raspberry & prosecco and gold dark chocolate flavours.

Consumer verdict: Over half our testers claimed they would notice the box in store, but the premium price affected pre-trial interest. Consumers had a high degree of anticipation, but there was disappointment after sampling. Nearly 30% said they would not buy, and 60% would consider purchasing only occasionally. Some panellists described the product as “indulgent” and “lovely”. But, overall, it scored five points below the category norm.

Pre-trial purchase: 29%

Post-trial purchase: 35%

Better than what’s out there: 44%

New and different: 73%

Overall score: 33/50