Quinoa Snack Pot Roasted Courgette, Basil & Lemon

merchant gourmet quinoa pot

Who: Merchant Gourmet

What: Quinoa Snack Pot Roasted Courgette, Basil & Lemon

Where: Ready meals

How much: Rsp: £2 for 210g

Why: Ready meals are booming. The category increased in value by £151.1m last year [Kantar 52 w/e 8 November 2015]. This product by Merchant Gourmet was launched in 2015 to help shoppers “get to grips with grains and pulses so they become as natural a choice as other store cupboard staples”, according to the brand’s wellbeing chef, Sophie Mitchell. The microwaveable pot can be served hot or cold.

Consumer verdict: This light lunch option generated a mixed response pre-trial among our consumers, with some commenting that it looked “appetising” and “convenient”, but just over a third claimed they would definitely or probably overlook the pack in store. On tasting, the “bland” and “vinegary” flavours disappointed the panel. Just under one third claimed it would be a good standby dish, while 60% said the product was not for them. Overall, the snack pot scored three points below the category norm.

Pre-trial purchase: 18%

Post-trial purchase: 16%

Better than what’s out there: 18%

New and different: 70%

Overall score: 26/50