acid test snacks di parmigiano reggiano

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Who: Parmareggio SPA

What: Parmigiano Reggiano snack pack

Where: Continental cheese

When: December 2014

How much:£2.99/100g

Why: Produced in Italy, this pack of five individually wrapped, 20g snack-sized pieces of Parmigiano Reggiano is pitched as being ideal for sportspeople seeking an “all-natural, easily absorbed energy boost”. Each piece contains just 78 calories.

Consumer verdict: Presented in bright, attractive packaging, these prompted a good level of appeal pre-trial, although the price was deemed to be “expensive”. Enthusiasm waned after sampling, however, with many disappointed with overall delivery, and attracted criticisms including “too strong” and “too dry”. The taste limited appeal and, along with the premium price positioning, had an impact on potential sales, with more than a third of respondents claiming they would never buy. With many also feeling there were better, more mainstream options available, ­frequency of purchase was limited to an occasional basis as a novel snack option.

Pre-trial purchase: 15%

Post-trial purchase: 17%

Better than what’s out there: 26%

New and different: 93%

Overall score:  29/50