Soreen Squidgy Cake Minis Toffee

soreen squidgy cake toffee

Who: Soreen

What: Soreen Squidgy Cake Minis Toffee

Where: Individual cakes and pastries

How much: £1.35/150g

Why: Given the growing spotlight on sugar, brands are looking to create single-portion packs to reduce calorie and sugar content and respond to consumer demand. This Soreen product is part of a minis range that comes in toffee and chocolate variants. The brand says the product, which launched in January, is 50% lower in sugar than standard cake and is a “healthier alternative”.

Consumer verdict: Most consumers associated the Soreen brand with malt loaf, so this proposition was seen as something “new and different” by 77% of respondents. The “dull” pack was unlikely to stand out in store, however the cakes were considered a “nice size” with a “good toffee flavour”. Responses post-trial were more polarised than before tasting, with some not liking the “dense” and “chewy” texture. The overall score matches the category norm, with 35% saying they would only buy the product “occasionally”.

Pre-trial purchase: 52%

Post-trial purchase: 48%

Better than what’s out there: 48%

New and different: 77%

Overall score: 37/50