Tesco Spicy BBQ Pork Rib Rack

tesco spicy bbq pork ribs

Who: Tesco

What: Spicy BBQ Pork Rib Rack

Where: Frozen meat meal centres

How much: £2.40/450g

Why: Barbecue season may be over but this microwaveable pack is still likely to spark consumer interest, with chilled and frozen ready meals back in fashion. The category has secured a whopping £151.1m growth as value grew by 5% on volumes up 5.5% [Kantar 52 w/e 8 November 2015]. Brits’ ongoing love of Americana is also a positive for this meal centre, which is part of Tesco’s own frozen BBQ meat range that also includes Pork Ribs Chinese Style and Chicken Sweet & Sticky Skewers.

Consumer verdict: The price and presentation of this frozen rib rack for two attracted triallists, with nearly 80% claiming they would definitely or probably notice the pack in store. Our consumers said the product was “tasty” with “great flavour”, with the spicy BBQ sauce adding value. Though some testers considered the product “over-processed”, others enjoyed the “good amount of meat”. More than 40% said the ribs were ideal for entertaining, and 60% ­claimed they would purchase monthly or at least occasionally.

Pre-trial purchase: 58%

Post-trial purchase: 52%

Better than what’s out there: 48%

New and different: 40%

Overall score: 41/50