Tesco Finest Mango & Chilli Popcorn

tesco mango and chilli popcorn

Who: Tesco 

What: Finest Mango & Chilli Popcorn

Where: Crisps and snacks

How much: Rsp: £1/170g

Why: British shoppers are in love with popcorn. Value sales were up a whopping 25.4% last year thanks to trends in healthier snacking and sharing formats [Kantar Worldpanel 52 w/e 3 January 2016]. NPD is strong in the category, which is worth around £85.7m in value sales [Kantar]. This Tesco Finest product is part of an own label line-up that also includes Strawberry Pepper Dark Chocolate and Fiery Ginger variants.

Consumer verdict: Our triallists liked the competitive price and the “good-looking” packaging of this premium SKU. The popcorn was described as “zesty” with “good crunch”, “strong” flavour and a “chilli kick”, but some panellists considered the snack to be “too sticky” with “confused flavours” and “too much coconut”. In some areas of the North, a maximum final score of 50 was achieved, but consumers in the Midlands were slightly less impressed. Overall, however, a large majority of testers said the quality was better than that of similar rival products.

Pre-trial purchase: 45%

Post-trial purchase: 64%

Better than what’s out there: 62%

New and different: 87%

Overall score: 43/50