Wahaca Soft Taco Kit - Mojo Tomato & Garlic

wahaca taco kit

Who: All About Food

What: Wahaca Soft Taco Kit - Mojo Tomato & Garlic

Where: World foods

How much: Rsp: £3.69

Why: Street food is hitting the spot with British consumers in line with increasing hunger for spicy flavours. Developed by Wahaca co-founder and MasterChef winner Thomasina Miers and her team, with supplier All About Food, this kit is aimed at both experienced cooks and novice foodies. It comprises tortillas, marinade and a salsa, and is also available in Tomato & Smoky Chipotle and Fiery Habanero & Achiote variants.

Consumer verdict: Most of our consumers considered the kit to be a fun proposition providing a modern take on Mexican street food, with strong heritage provided by the “upmarket” Wahaca brand. The “authentic” pack design was attractive to our testers, who welcomed the carry-home handle as “bringing something new” to the category. More than a third felt the product would be a “must” on their shopping list, with the majority considering it to be better than the many other enchilada/fajita meal kits on the market.

Pre-trial purchase: 71%

Post-trial purchase: 78%

Better than what’s out there: 69%

New and different: 90%

Overall score: 47/50