Wellaby’s Simple Bakes - Smoky BBQ

wellaby's simple bakes

Who: RH Amar

What: Wellaby’s Simple Bakes - Smoky BBQ

Where: Bagged snacks

How much: Rsp: £1.79 for 120g

Why: The free-from category continues to rise into the mainstream, with more and more Brits opting to drop gluten, wheat, dairy and lactose from their diets out of general concern for their wellbeing, rather than for specific intolerances. And with an increasing number of consumers eschewing potato crisps in favour of savoury bagged alternatives, these gluten-free baked snacks offer broad appeal to the health-conscious.

Consumer verdict: The product was well received by our panel of coeliac testers, with 90% claiming the packaging would stand out in store. Some considered the price a little high, but many were prepared to pay extra for a gluten-free alternative. The snack came in a “good-sized pack”, would be “good with a glass of wine”, and have appeal to non-coeliacs, said our testers, while criticisms focused on the strong seasoning and “funny aftertaste”. The product was considered an indulgence, restricting frequency of purchase to an occasional basis.

Pre-trial purchase: 69%

Post-trial purchase: 78%

Better than what’s out there: 61%

New and different: 87%

Overall score: 45/50