What a Melon Watermelon Water

Who: Solution Sciences

What: What A Melon Watermelon Water

Where: Ambient fruit juice drinks

How much: £3.95/one litre

Why: Solution Sciences unveiled What a Melon in the summer of 2016, positioned as fruit water rather than juice, to tap demand for clean living options and low sugar drinks. Promising the same level of electrolytes as the equivalent amount of coconut water, it contains 4.2g of fruit sugar per 100g and 24 calories. Launched as a 330ml carton, the brand added this larger pack earlier this year.

Consumer verdict: Our shoppers welcomed the “eye-catching” packaging for its “summery” appearance, with many anticipating a new taste experience. However, the adult-oriented drink divided opinion upon testing. Comments ranged from “much tastier than other fruit juices” and “good for making cocktails”, to “too strong” and “vile”. There was a distinct division between regions: Northerners tended to favour the “refreshing” fruit taste and light mouthfeel, while people in the Midlands dismissed it as “awful”. Poor value for money perceptions contributed to an overall score well below the category norm.

Pre-trial purchase: 44%

Post-trial purchase: 33%

Better than what’s out there: 33%

New and different: 76%

Overall score: 28/50