Fairy is the latest Procter & Gamble detergent to appear in tablet form, in packs of 20 or 32. Libby's has added three berry varieties in thick syrup to its fruit range as a topping for ice cream. Haribo Dunhills (Pontefract) is extending its Easter egg range to include Mallow Mix, Tangfastics and Kiddies Supermix. Panda Pops has introduced a limited edition chocolate orange flavour fizzy drink. Nivea's Sun Spray is now available in SPF20. Whitehall Laboratories is boosting Anadin Ultra and Extra with press advertising from March. HL Foods has launched five Curry-to-Go! ambient curries in foil pouches, promising consumers "the ultimate in takeaway". Davinci Fine Foods has added Mandarin Orange Green Tea, and Crazy Berry and Carrot cocktails to its Arizona Beverage portfolio. {{P&P }}