Britain’s major fish supplier Young’s has said it is keen to work with Greenpeace as the environmental pressure group gears up for a campaign urging shoppers to boycott species that are not sustainably sourced.
However, Mike Parker, deputy chief executive of Young’s, said he believed that more progress is being made in the UK seafood market - by both processors and retailers - than Greenpeace suggests in its Defending Oceans campaign.
The group claims that destructive fishing practices and overfishing are having a huge impact on ocean biodiversity. The campaign urges the public to print off ‘plaice cards’ and hand them in to store managers, though it says only Sainsbury, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons or Somerfield should be targeted. Its ‘What not to buy list’ includes Atlantic cod, tuna, haddock and plaice.
Parker said: “On a worldwide scale, there are some terrific sustainability initiatives that are not really covered by this report - many of the seafood from these are now increasingly available in UK supermarkets.
“We believe that real progress is now being made to ensure that sustainably-sourced seafood is more widely available.”