Multiple retailers are already reaping the benefits of massive Christmas price offensives on booze. According to ACNielsen, both Tesco and Asda are selling 39.2% and 41% respectively through beer promotions, while pushing the category twice as much as other categories. In the four weeks to November 11, 45% of wine sales were made on promotional offers, with Sainsbury's and Safeway both selling more than half their wine this way. Overall, promotions are on the increase, with 25.5% of all expenditure in multiple grocers in the four week period linked to offers. This is marginally higher than last year. While Safeway, Somerfield and Iceland are promoting heavily across most categories, both Asda and Tesco have lowered the extent of promotions they run. Retail services manager Mike Watkins said however, that shoppers found it more difficult to identify with EDLP. "They are looking for value for money, freshness and quality. The fact that they will be given a good deal is almost taken as read." Multiple retailers saw strong growth during the four weeks to November 11, with value sales up by 4.4% on last year ­ higher than the last four week growth and above inflation. {{NEWS }}