n 150 million servings of salmon are eaten in a year. Smoked salmon accounts for 15% of all salmon consumed
n Total salmon consumption is in growth, up 48% compared with five years ago
n This market is extremely reliant on the older population with two thirds of all salmon being eaten by the over 45s
n Over half of all salmon is eaten by women, while only 8% is eaten by children
n Salmon is heavily reliant on the evening meal occasion. 60% of salmon is eaten at this time and over one quarter of salmon is eaten at lunchtime
n Salmon is in growth across all meal occasions with the exception of breakfast, but only 0.4% of it is consumed at this meal occasion
n Salmon tends to be eaten more so towards the end of the week ­ one third of salmon is eaten on Fridays and Saturdays
n The most popular cooking method for salmon is baking. Just over one quarter of all salmon is baked
n 63% of salmon is eaten with vegetables (excluding salad)