The Food Standards Agency has asked the Provision Trade Federation to see if members can reduce salt levels in products including bacon.

The FSA wants the PTF to look into salt level variations in products. If variations exist, the FSA has asked the PTF to see if it is feasible to reduce salt levels down to the lowest end of the range.

However the PTF has said it believes there is little scope for altering the salt content in items such as bacon and cheese.

Director general Clare Cheney said: “Salt levels have already reduced substantially in bacon in the last few years, due to the rise of refrigeration. Bacon has to have some salt in it. Premium bacon has higher salt levels and
the same is true of matured cheese. As it dries out, the salt is concentrated.”

Cheney added: “It’s a valid question, and we recognise people want to reduce salt in their diet. We recommend they eat less salty foods to stay within the 6g daily allowance.”