Shoppers buying beef at Tesco are being offered tips on selecting the perfect steak as part of a special promotion designed to drive sales of English beef this summer.

Tesco asked Eblex to provide a quick reference guide after the retailer found many shoppers didn't know the difference between the various cuts of beef steak.

'What to look for in a Quality Steak?' will figure as a label on almost 750,000 packs of Quality Standard Mark rump and ribeye steak over the next six weeks.

"Many consumers aren't really sure which cut best suits their needs, so we developed a label to help them do that," said Chris Leeman, retail project manager at Eblex.

The promotion has the added benefit of getting the QSM back on to Tesco's primary labels after intermittent use in the past, he said.

The guide includes information on identifying a good steak and tips on cooking it. It would also be available to other retailers, said Eblex.