The windows at Grocer Towers were steaming up this week thanks to an especially fruity new offering from French fizz-monger Orangina.

The racy new commercial, which hints at both Last Tango In Paris and Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit, depicts an alluring CGI deer being suggestively showered in citrus spume. Not to mention the famous pulpy bits that require every bottle to get a good shake before opening.

Meanwhile, the cavorting supporting cast includes a sassy giraffe in a cocktail dress and a topless panda so curvy you wonder why on earth the species has such trouble getting its collective groove on. According to Brand Republic, the sexually charged commercial “was conceived around the concept of ‘pulpeuse’, which in French means both ‘containing pulp’ and also ‘sexy’ or ‘voluptuous’”. 

So obviously you’d depict anthropomorphic woodland fauna getting down and dirty to smoove R&B flavas. The ad seems likely to garner at least as many complaints from UK viewers as new customers – although a little controversy rarely does sales any harm, of course.

Either way, watching the latest Orangina effort makes you realise that now-infamous Hellmann’s ad recently pulled from our screens could have been about a thousand times worse.