Feel Good Drinks is encroaching on the territory of Innocent and PJ Smoothies with a 100%-squeezed juice range.

Three flavours are being launched this week into Total forecourts, with further listings in c-stores expected in the next few weeks. They are orange, mandarin & tangerine; apple, golden kiwi & lime; and raspberry, blueberry & apple in both one-litre and 250ml PET bottles.

Until now, Feel Good Drinks has concentrated on its juice and spritz products, both of which contain water, in glass bottles. The new range will mark its first entry into both pure juice and into plastic packaging. Marketing director Steve Cooper said: "As pure juice goes from strength to strength, consumers are looking for more than just one-litre cartons of orange juice. The growth of juicing at home shows that people not only know more about fruit but also want to experiment with new blends."

Prices start at £1.49 (250ml) and £2.59 (one litre).