Hot on the heels of its award winning Fish and Sauce product, Young's has developed another new concept in fish based convenience food. Melting Pots ­ which is based on potato wedges ­ is a hand-held' product that is designed to be heated in the microwave (it cooks in 12 minutes from frozen and is eaten straight from the pot.) It comes in two varieties: Fish Melt is chunks of fish fillet, potato wedges and vegetables in a cheese sauce topped with mozzarella. Salmon Melt is chunks of pink salmon and potato wedges, also in a cheese sauce and topped with mozzarella. (Rsp: £1.49 for 400g). Commercial director Jim Cane said Melting Pots "would fit naturally into smaller freezer displays alongside sandwich and snack fixtures. With both snack and meal potential, this is the kind of product which seafood needs to attract new users and build growth among younger consumers". Young's is investing £5m to boost the seafood category. {{MARKETING - P&P }}