>>premium lines with fruit fusions

One GSK value-adding attack this year comes in the form of Aquafresh Wakey Wakey, Revive and Refresh Zones pastes, three premium lines designed to cash in on the fact that in other sectors, such as haircare and bath/shower products, the bathroom has become a place for experimentation, preparation and relaxation, says GSK.
The three variants also introduce flavours - albeit in the form of fusions of apple, watermelon and lemon - something which, traditionally, the oralcare market has been reluctant to try, says Simon Harrop, director of The Aromaco, an Oxfordshire-based provider of communication solutions for brands with an aroma.
The company says sampling taste through smell is a key opportunity that brand and own label toothpastes could exploit if they want to extend their brands beyond the traditional mint. He says: “Smell is a direct physiological response which gets directly to the brain, unlike visual or sound messages which are easier for the human brain to override.”