Eblex, in collaboration with chef Pierre Koffmann, has created a range of speciality steaks that utilise under-used cuts of meat. The steaks, developed by Koffmann and Eblex master butcher and retail project manager Dick van Leeuwen, have been made using seam-butchery techniques on underused ­primals, including the heel muscle and diaphragm.

The 12-steak Quality Standard range is initially being targeted at the foodservice sector, but Eblex also plans to present it to the multiple retailers. Steaks in the range include Hanger Pavé, Bavette, Skirt Steak and Flat Iron steak.

“With ingredient costs continuing to rise, many caterers are reviewing menus and introducing dishes that use less expensive ingredients,” said Eblex project manager Hugh Judd. “These new steaks offer cost-effective alternatives without compromising on quality.”