With its perfectly crunchy texture, Waitrose’s (five stars out of five) baguette boasted the fullest flavour with just the right amount of butter that was crammed with garlic and herbs. Although it was the priciest at 33p, it was well worth the few extra pennies.

Sainsbury's (four stars) crunched nicely, too. It had a pleasant taste and the pieces tore easily. Tesco’s (three stars) looked and tasted similar, but its texture was slightly fluffier and it did not pull apart so easily.

Asda’s (three stars) baguette was a bit crumbly compared with the others. Although it was covered in plenty of garlic and herbs, it tasted quite bland.

Morrisons’ (two stars) was the worst – although it had a nice buttery texture, its garlic flavour was not so fresh and it had a strange, musty hint to it.