It was easily the priciest at £4.79, but Waitrose's cod (four stars) was the clear winner thanks to its crisp, bubbly batter, fresh flavour and non-greasy texture. However, a little less batter and more fish would still be welcome.

Asda's offering (three stars) was hot on its heels, with a nice thick, flaky fillet and light crust albeit a little soggy. Sainsbury's fish (three stars) came out of the oven as a soggy mess because the fillet had shrunk inside the batter although it did have a delicious savoury flavour.

Morrisons' (two stars) product was the cheapest and had a crisp batter but its greasiness let it down and the fish had little flavour. Bottom of the pile was Tesco's fish (one star). It was oily, greasy and angular in shape.