At less than 85p for each pack, the difference in quality between the companies’ scones was surprising.

The Asda (two stars out of five) scones were dry, floury, and meagre on fruit, though the dough had a pleasing enough taste.

The texture of the Sainsbury's (three stars) offering was better, if a little crumbly, and its taste was nicely buttery. The Waitrose (three stars) version held together well, but had a strange chemical aftertaste — a letdown, given its premium price.

By far the worst was the scone from Morrisons (one star), which had a hard and crusty shell and tasted noticeably of lard. At the other end of the spectrum, the Tesco (four stars) product was soft, moist and rich, with fresh-tasting fruit. Not bad for 74p.