Wilkinson Sword is investing £6.5m in advertising its razors this year, kicking off with the launch of what it claims is the first disposable to offer the same performance as its advanced blades.

The four-blade Quattro Disposables, in male or female variants, use the same technology, lubricating strips and rubber guards that feature on its more expensive ‘system’ razor portfolio. It marks the first time the Quattro brand has been used outside the non-disposable category.

A TV campaign will coincide with an in-store push and online activity between April and July.

It will also run a half-price promotion to drive trial and launch a sampling and direct mail campaign later in the year.

Sales in the disposable razor category rose 2.3% to £65.5m last year [Nielsen 52w/e 29 December 2007].

However, three-blade disposables outperformed the market, with value up 14.7%. The new lines, priced at £4.99, have already secured listings in the big four.