Quavers is bidding to reverse a sales slow-down with its first TV campaign for eight years.
The Walkers brand is worth more than £60m, despite its low TV profile, but the lack of TV exposure may be a factor contributing to a 2.5% dip over the past year, according to The Grocer’s Top Products Survey (December 11).
Walkers is spending more than £1m on the new Quavers ad campaign that will include a re-run of the 1997 animated TV commercial ‘They’re Floaty Light’ in February and March, with another burst in September and October. It will also run an outdoor poster campaign in the north of England, as well as sampling initiatives in Walkers’ 12s multipacks.
The support coincides with the launch of a limited edition Quavers Cheese and Bacon flavour Comic Relief pack, as well as an ‘Under 100 Calories’ multipack, which brings together Walkers ‘Better For You’ products for the first time: Quavers, French Fries and Lites.
PepsiCo trade marketing manager Nicky Seal said: “Given our other Quavers initiatives this year, we felt it was an appropriate time to support the brand with TV advertising - after all this time the brand deserved supporting.”
She added: “By investing more than £1m in Quavers we are anticipating the brand will grow considerably, and encourage retailers to take full advantage of the TV support.”
Walkers expects the ads to help Quavers build on its already broad appeal, particularly to women.