Scottish fishermen say they are disappointed at a deal to raise cod quotas because it does not go far enough to prevent the wasteful discarding of surplus fish.

Following negotiations between the EU and Norway over North Sea quotas, Scottish boats were told they could land just 11% more cod next year.

"The increase is welcome and will reduce some discarding as the stock recovers in response to Scottish conservation initiatives," said Bertie Armstrong, chief executive of the Scottish Fishermen's Federation. "However, a 15% increase would have prevented yet more discards."

Other disappointments for the Scottish fleet include a 15% reduction in haddock quota, 41% for herring, 25% for whiting, 9% for mackerel and 2.5% for plaice.

The agreement forms the backdrop to the looming December fisheries council in Brussels. "The December talks don't really deviate from the Norway-EU agreement," said Armstrong.