Potato supplier QV Foods is looking to broaden its portfolio beyond fresh produce with a possible move into vegetarian, oat-based convenience meals.

The company was at the IFE show in London this week, testing consumer responses to a range of meat-free sausages and burgers made with oats and lentils.

QV has yet to decide on a brand for the range, but options under consideration include Pure New Food, Wellness and GoodLife. Business development manager Kevin Woods said there was "massive potential" for a quality range of meat-free alternatives.

A move into oat-based products would allow QV Foods to tap into increased consumer interest in 'oat cuisine'. In 2009, oats were one of only a few foods that had health claims approved by EFSA, which allowed oats producers to claim that regular consumption of beta-glucans (found in oats) contributes to maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.