We now believe we're the leading brand of organic milk in the UK. We have strong national account listings and are seeing steady growth in sales. One thing that encouraged me to join the company was that it had the courage to launch an organic brand in a commodity-heavy market. What puts you ahead of your competitors? We have a very strong brand identity and a strong visual presence due to our striking packaging. We also have products that perform they taste really good. Have you any projects in the pipeline? I will take a trip to the US soon to see how the organics market is developing there. My perception is that it covers wider sectors than UK organics, but doesn't have the same penetration. I'll look at how US merchandising is managed and whether products are blended into conventional fixtures or have their own section. My instinct is that organic products merchandised on a standalone basis are an impediment to the category, because only dedicated customers buy them. The customer base could be expanded if they were sold with mainstream lines. What do you do outside work? I try to spend as much time with my children as possible. I have three boys who are all eager footballers. I spend most of my life ferrying them between matches. {{JOBS & CAREERS }}