Exports to the UK of the Cyprus winter new potato crop have doubled. This is largely because of favourable weather back in December when the first harvesting took place.
Exports to the UK, just now coming to an end, have grown year-on-year to 3,600 tonnes.
The benign weather conditions in Cyprus are also helping growth of the island’s main spring crop. Lifting should begin by the end of March.
Last year’s new potato exports from Israel are believed to have been much greater than was expected. Last year, growers complained of a slow international market and Israeli exports for 2005 were expected to be 160,000 tonnes.
But the market picked up, and Israeli new potato exports are now set to be 235,000 tonnes. The UK is estimated to have taken 67,000 tonnes, a 5,000 tonne year-on-year increase.
And conditions on Jersey are reported as ideal, with a quarter of the Jersey Royal export tonnage planted, compared with 20% this time last year.