A super premium Clotted Cream Cornish tub and an After Eights frozen dessert herald a drive by ice cream producer R&R to boost Christmas and winter sales.

Rodda's Clotted Cream ice cream, which contains 25% clotted cream (rsp: £3.79 for 800ml), would satisfy the demand for premium products and provenance, said Charlotte Hambling, senior brand manager.

"Consumers are looking for home-grown brands these days," she said. "They want products with soul."

The company, formerly Richmond Ice Cream, is also relaunching its Skinny Cow low-fat range with two new flavours and adding a Maryland Choc Chip Cookie option to its Loads of Fun kids' tubs line-up.

Skinny Cow's new logo and Cheeky Choc Brownie and Dreamy Creamy Cookie flavours are launching at the end of this month and will target diet-conscious consumers.

"Health is still a relatively untapped area, accounting for only 6.4% of the ice cream market so far," said Hambling.