Chilean avocado growers are planning an aggressive marketing campaign in the UK this year on the back of a record crop of Hass.

The Chilean Hass Avocado Association expects to ship more fruit than ever before to the UK, Continental Europe, the US, Argentina and Japan - more than 150,000 tonnes. UK volumes should jump 50% to 9,000 tonnes.

Adolfo Ochagavía, CHAA president, said: "The UK has grown into a major market for Chilean avocados. For the second year running, we will be encouraging purchase with a wide-ranging campaign underlining key health benefits."

The campaign will aim to debunk consumer attitudes to avocado as difficult to use or fattening. It will include a recipe and information booklet with health plan book offer included in more than 2 million packs, as well as sampling.

The campaign aims to reach the three-quarters of consumers who currently do not buy avocado.