Red Bull is adding a twist to its marketing strategy in a new £6.3m campaign that aims to educate consumers about the relevance of energy drink consumption throughout the day and also return the brand to double-digit sales growth.

The new poster campaign, which kicks off this month, features a 'Want to Squeeze Today Dry?' strapline, and highlights the importance of having enough energy before performing day-to-day tasks.

It shows the Red Bull cartoon character changing out of pyjamas and into a suit, a suit into a gym kit and a suit into party gear fuelled by a can of Red Bull. The push comes on the back of a study, conducted by The Futures Company, that was designed to inform Red Bull of new trends in the consumption, of energy drinks, said Chris Carter, brand manager of Red Bull.

"The study showed UK consumers are experienced in their energy management and understanding of energy drinks, and it identified the need for transformational energy having the energy to set you up for the next stage of the day," said Carter.

The £6.3m campaign forms part of Red Bull's overall marketing strategy for 2010. The company hoped it would return the brand to double-digit growth over the course of the year, said Carter.

Last year, Red Bull sales were up just 1.3% to £181.5m [Nielsen]. "We expect the campaign to create awareness and help intensify consumption of existing users and bring in both new and lapsed consumers," he said.