Promotional red salmon is starting to appear instore this week: Asda is runing a buy one get one free with twin-pack halves at £1.79. Elsewhere single cans are running at £1.29 or £1.19. "No-one is running red salmon as a loss leader, as used to happen," one trader told The Grocer. "But all the majors are running some sort of promotion with branded or own label product." Depending on the take-up, there may be an opportunity to follow up with an Easter promotion, rather than ease retail price levels. "There's a lot to be said for a high:low pricing strategy ­ it gives the promotions more impact." With a much reduced pink salmon pack, there is no spare product at present. "But there may be a possibility of a late summer promotion to clear old season pack once the new pack is under way." {{PROVISIONS }}