We were delighted when Red Sky was awarded the coveted Grocer Top Bagged Snacks Launch 2009 - a true mark of quality and achievement if ever there was one.

We were therefore surprised (and confused) by the comments in your leader (20 February) where you refer to Red Sky as a "(relatively) low-quality product".

Red Sky is a major innovation from PepsiCo UK of which we are extremely proud, produced using a unique, proprietary technology that uses less oil and delivers a fresher taste and lower fat content than competing brands.

Consumer research indicates Red Sky is a preferred premium product, with its superior quality, 100% natural ingredients proposition and premium packaging. This is clear from the fantastic sales the brand has achieved in its first year. We're confident Red Sky will go from strength to strength in year two.

Charles Allen, marketing director, Red Sky

The editor responds: We are big admirers of Red Sky, but the fact is it's NOT a kettle chip, a handmade chip, à la Kettle, Tyrrells, Burts etc.

The skill is in creating a mass-manufactured crisp, using all-natural ingredients, ditching the Walkers connections, developing a nice design and packaging, and selling it as a premium proposition crisp in the same bracket as the other players, but with the room to manoeuvre more freely on price promotion, or, as I said, to make pots of money. Or even both!