British chicken bosses have dismissed new Defra research suggesting only 16% of people recognised the Red Tractor mark on food (The Grocer, 18 August, p6). They claim Defra's methodology was flawed because it didn't offer those surveyed a picture of the mark when testing recognition. An annual MORI survey for British Chicken Marketing found that half of consumers recognised the Red Tractor on chicken while 22% actively sought it out. "The way Defra did the survey was flawed," claimed Charles Bourns, BCM chairman. "Our own survey, done in the same way for the past three years, shows rising recognition of the Red Tractor especially with meat, where many consumers want the reassurance of knowing it was reared and produced to the high standards of British farms." More than two-thirds of those surveyed said it was important to eat only British chicken - up from 63% in 2003, the year before BCM launched its current marketing campaign.