Worldfresh, the procurement division of major fresh produce supplier Redbridge Holdings, has established a new operation in New Zealand to gain better access to quality southern hemisphere fruit.
The initiative is also intended to build stronger relationships with growers to ensure consistent supply of quality produce. Redbridge wants to be at the cutting edge of new developments in New Zealand as and when they break.
Headed by New Zealand born Geoff Murdoch, the new export division will work closely with the company’s trading desk and the Summerfruit Company to procure product more cost-effectively.
Initially the division will source top fruit and blueberries.
Murdoch said: “Acting as an exporter is more cost-efficient for Redbridge, as it takes a link out of the supply chain.
“Redbridge Worldfresh is aiming for a low cost business model to optimise the distribution channel into the UK, focusing on the value chain and delivering solutions to customer demands, which in turn will provide opportunities to grow our European sales.”