Ed Bedington Regional meats are on the menu at Safeway after two launches. The retailer has unveiled West Country pork and Moorland-branded lamb. The pork was launched in 65 stores in the West Country after the success of its similarly branded beef, lamb and bacon products. The pork range will include loin steaks, bone-in chops, boneless shoulder and leg joints, fillets, chump steaks, belly ribs and belly rashers. The Moorland lamb range is available in 128 stores and includes trimmed cutlets, lamb steaks and boneless legs. Lamb sold in Scotland will be branded Scottish Moorland lamb and in England British Moorland lamb. Safeway pork and lamb buyer Kelly Hathway said: "Safeway is continuing to innovate and bring excitement to the categories by offering our customers something different." The launches are being supported by a comprehensive point of sale kit to draw shoppers' attention to the range of lamb and the pork, which is sourced from farms in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. Hathway said: "We recognised some time ago we needed to find innovative ways of attracting consumers to red meat. Regional launches were identified as being key to that strategy." {{MARKET EDGE }}