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Insights and analysis into the market to assist with your day-to-day role

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  • Industry news Dig behind the headlines, keep you updated on the latest developments and understand what this means to you.
  • Features and profiles The Grocer delves into what’s affecting your industry. Bringing you closer to other professionals in fmcg with our interviews with key players in your industry – see how they got where they are now and what you could do to progress your own career.
  • Category reports and rankings The Grocer does all the footwork so you don’t have to: gathering and analysing data; preparing category reports. Why not find out who came out top in our highly sought after ranking reports?
  • Insight, analysis and opinion Hear from the leading experts in their field – their comments and opinions on the topics affecting your industry now and in the future. We report on what’s relevant to you, look at it from every angle, analyse its impact and look at how it’s affecting your business.
  • Grocer33 Compare price and promotion history by product category at the leading grocery retailers, discounters and vouchering with The Grocer 33 analytical tool. Hear what the mystery shoppers have to say when they compare service and availability at the leading multiples. They compare the service and standards so you don’t have to!
  • Digital Edition Take an early peek at The Grocer on Friday afternoon with the digital edition – a day before the magazine comes out! Flick through the pages as if you were holding a copy in your hands, but with the benefit of the search to quickly find the articles you’re looking for.
  • The Grocer App Read The Grocer on your tablet and mobile – enjoy the latest issue of the magazine, wherever you need them!
  • Daily newsletters Delivering you the latest developments, hottest trends and techniques providing you with the information you need to push your business to the forefront and develop new revenue streams
  • Daily Bread blog Round off the day with the biggest story in fmcg direct to your inbox, produced by the biggest content specialists in fmcg.


Total market and financial coverage to support your strategic decision making

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  • Financial news Unrivalled insight into fmcg from specialist strategic market and economic editorial, digest and interpret the deeper context, providing you with the most detailed and focused market analysis of the fmcg market.
  • Analyst round-ups Explore analyst forecasts – stay ahead with skilled knowledge on competitor performance
  • Leader profiles Get under the hood with an exclusive focus on the suppliers in fmcg, original material that is simply not available elsewhere Who’s stepping down, moving sideways, elevating to a new position? How will this affect the industries, who are the front runners? The Grocer leaves no stone unturned.
  • Key industry ranking reports Key industry reports, providing insight into the size of the companies operating within Grocery from fmcg suppliers to the convenience market including; OC&C Top 150 Food and Drink suppliers, OC&C fmcg Global 50 and the Grocery Retail Structure.
  • Share price information and company sector performance tracker Review the grocery universe all in one place – access LSE, international data (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMS, PAR, BRU, SIX and TSX) at the push of a button saving you time. Read broker recommendations and analysis putting the market in context Track business performance over five years with company comparisons use our interactive charting tool to view charts of companies, indices and sectors and plot key indicators – providing deeper understanding for investment analysis and to help develop competitive advantage.
  • Grocer Price Index (GPI) Track inflation and deflation dynamically across 70,000 products stocked across the leading supermarkets across retailer or category or retailers and category.
  • Unlimited access to our unrivalled archive Dig into our unlimited archive to get the full picture on the industry movements to understand how it got to the where it is today.
  • Breakfast briefing on key city and financial news Start the day with specialist fmcg finance editorial - digest and interpret the deeper context, providing you with the most detailed and focused market analysis – keep abreast of key changes to the market ahead of your competitors.
  • Media round up Look to one place with The Grocer media bites, we round up the breaking stories from industry press and provide you the story in one concise overview


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"The Grocer provides such a comprehensive review of the market that I hardly ever use other sources of information now, it’s the guru for sales, marketing and senior managers a like."

Managing Director, Tyne & Wear

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