Biscuits lead

Taking the biscuit: one in five Brits scoff whole cookie packs Video

30 Nov 2017 | By Ash O’Mahony

Biscuits are back in business. The category is enjoying a period of growth powered by NPD and new biscuit formats as brands look to provide new premium experiences for consumers. But where are opportunities being missed by the brands, and how is consumer demand driving the market?

Pet lead

Pampered pets! Are Britain's dogs and cats winning their place at the human dinner table? Video

09 Nov 2017 | By Ash O’Mahony

We can reveal that Brits are twice as likely to cut back on their own food expenditure than go scrimping on their pets’ dinners. What’s going on? 

on the go

Time to shape up? How food & drink to go can get healthier Video

18 Oct 2017 | By Natalie Brown

All hail the mighty salad! Once a humble side dish, salad is increasingly taking centre stage in meals eaten on the go, where it’s the fastest-growing meal type. Read on to find out who’s eating what and where, how the coffee shops are cashing in and whether Japanese-style bento boxes have what it takes to return the sector to volume growth.

hot beverages main image

Revealed: Why Brits are falling back in love with the cuppa Video

02 Oct 2017 | By Natalie Brown

Forget bogstandard tea, Brits are looking for ’qualitea’ as coffee shop culture spreads to the nation’s national brew

Dairy cow chasing man

The Dairymen digital special: Do Brits think dairy is scary?

14 Sep 2017 | By Carina Perkins

Dairy is under attack. What do Brits actually think about dairy? Are they on the brink of an exodus? And how can the industry convince them to keep buying into the category?

Breakfast lead

A lost generation: How to bring the young back to breakfast Video

31 Aug 2017 | By Rob Brown, Ellis Hawthorne

The hunt is on for breakfast’s lost generation: millennials. And we’ve unearthed new evidence that might help bring them back to the breakfast table. 

Free from lead

Revealed: How free-from sales surged by a whopping £230m Video

17 Aug 2017 | By Rob Brown, Amy North

Brits have forked out an extra £230m on free-from food & drink in the past year. That’s a rise of more than 40%. Here we reveal the retailers and brands driving growth and how they’re doing it. Cut yourself a slice here!

Bread barbells

As bread prices rise again, how can sales be beefed up? Video

27 Jul 2017 | By Rob Brown, Amy North

Less than half the population now eats bread daily. In this special report we look at ways to reinvent bread, see where baked goods’ biggest opportunities are and ask brands what they are doing to get a rise out of a loaf

Confectionery lead

Guilty pleasures: How can sweets get the feel good factor? Video

14 Jul 2017 | By Natalie Brown

Is Britain becoming a nation of secret eaters?

MFP lead image

Vegetarianism in vogue: Does meat & fish need a makeover? Video

30 Jun 2017 | By Rob Brown, Amy North

Poultry is flying high as red meat feels the heat, driving solid growth in the overall meat, fish & poultry market. But with the number of Brits cutting back on meat soaring, is it time the sector had a makeover for the modern age? Why are so many Brits considering going veggie? What ...

Booze lead

Boozy Britain: Why are sales up as more try to drink less? Video

15 Jun 2017 | By Rob Brown, Amy North

British drinking culture is changing, fast. The number of Brits trying to curb their booze has surged, our research reveals

franchise header

The inconvenient truth: What Brits really think of c-stores Video

06 Jun 2017

Convenience stores aren’t that convenient, as our consumer research reveals more Brits would rather shop at larger stores, even if they are further away. So, what can c-stores do to earn their name?

Home baking lead 2017

Food for thought: How Britain went bonkers for home baking Video

18 May 2017 | By Rob Brown, Amy North

Brits have baked at home on more than a billion occasions since 2015, so why are home baking category sales in decline?

soft drinks lead image 2017

10 Things You Need To Know About... Soft Drinks

04 May 2017 | By Amy North

In our latest instalment of our ‘10 things…’ series, we bring you the lowdown on the soft drinks market, from the incoming sugar tax, recipe reformulations and global trends. Dive in here!

Frozen lead

What shoppers really think about… frozen food Video

27 Apr 2017 | By Rob Brown, Amy North

Frozen food is being left out in the cold. Why? We’ve quizzed more than 2,000 shoppers to find out

snacking lead image

10 Things You Need To Know About... Snacking

30 Mar 2017

We’ve popped the top off Britain’s snacking habits for our latest digital feature. Sit back and tuck in!

canned goods lead image

10 Things You Need To Know About... Canned Goods

17 Mar 2017 | By Amy North

It’s crunch time for canned food with £70m wiped off sales. We’ve lifted the lid on the multi-billion pound category to find out what’s going on and what brands are doing to reinvigorate sales and their image. Dive in here…

cakes & biscuits lead image

10 Things You Need To Know About... Cakes & Biscuits

30 Nov 2016 | By Amy North

For our latest digital feature we’ve lifted the lid on the cakes & biscuits market. Sales are rising nicely for some, while others are crumbling. To find out more grab a cuppa and dive in here…

Spirits Index

10 Things You Need To Know About... Spirits

18 Nov 2016

Is gin for old ladies? Whisky for old men? Here are 10 things you did or didn’t know about the hard stuff

free from lead illustration

10 Things You Need To Know About...Free-from

26 Oct 2016

Free-from food & drink is booming. We’ve polled consumers, spoken to brands and retailers and crunched the sales figures to find out why. Dig in here! 

category reports

Views from the top

PDF: The Dairymen 2017 Subscription

19 Sep 2017

Grocer members can now download the PDF version of our annual supplement The Dairymen 

BBAB art 620

PDF: Britain's Biggest Alcohol Brands 2017 Subscription

14 Jul 2017

Welcome to the revolution: a coming of age for craft booze ….


PDF | OC&C Global 50 2017 Subscription

07 Jul 2017

Is zero-based budgeting (ruthless cost cutting) the required method for boosting margin now? The latest OC&C Top 50 certainly shows its impact

convenience booker

Grocery Retail Structure Report 2017 Subscription

19 May 2017

Franchising is increasingly seen as the new route to growth for the big four, download our GRS 2017 to get the full picture

soft drinks one use

PDF: Soft drinks category report 2017

21 Apr 2017 | By Rob Brown

The countdown to the sugar tax is on, and Spreadsheet Phil must be rubbing his hands with glee

own label one use

PDF: Own-label category report 2017

13 Apr 2017 | By Amy North

Encore! Own label has stolen the limelight, and the audience are loving it. So much so, they’ve splashed out an extra £105.2m on own-brand food in the past year in the mults alone.

wine one use

PDF: Wine & champagne category report 2017

13 Apr 2017 | By Hannah Stodell

As Britain heads towards Brexit, we’re turning our backs on classics such as bordeaux, barolo and rioja. So what’s going on?

NCS 2017

PDF: National Convenience Show preview 2017

07 Apr 2017 | By Alex Wright

First, the good news: the convenience sector isn’t in bad shape right now



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