Biscuits lead image

Biscuits: How innovative formats are tempting a nation of comfort eaters Video

27 Nov 2018 | By Ash O’Mahony

More than seven in ten Brits tend to stick to their favourite biscuit as they seek a reliable hit of comfort. So how are new products persuading the nation to move away from their habits?

lead image food to go

Food to go: Get ready for the counter revolution Video

01 Nov 2018 | By Ash O’Mahony

As consumers demand more exotic lunch options from bibimbap to South American corn rolls, do supermarkets need to experiment beyond sushi counters?

Hot bevs main image

Tea: can the cuppa reap the rewards of café culture? Video

26 Sep 2018 | By Emma Weinbren

While coffee sales are soaring on the back of the nation’s love of Starbucks and Costa, tea is yet to reap the benefits. Now that could all be set to change

Street food

Street food: the new trends shaping foodie culture Video

12 Sep 2018 | By Emma Weinbren

From Indian puchkas to Lebanese pastries, street food markets are changing the way the nation eats. Here’s our rundown of the top trends

Deskfast lead image

Deskfast reinvented: The new wave of speed eaters Video

04 Sep 2018 | By Ash O’Mahony

Time-pressed consumers have been eating their breakfast at work for years. But they’re now becoming pickier about how they start their day

Cider lead image

Fruity cider: the new cool? Video

08 Aug 2018

As younger consumers look for Instagrammable, experimental brands, fruity brands have taken a third of all cider sales – leaving white cider out in the cold

Confectionery main

Confectionery: the quest for lighter chocolate Video

20 Jul 2018 | By Emma Weinbren

The reduced sugar Cadbury’s Dairy Milk is the latest in the long line of NPD targeting the health-conscious consumer. So does this innovation have what it takes to reinvigorate the nation’s love of chocolate?


Rum: Can pirates' plonk become the next craft spirit? Video

14 Jun 2018 | By Ash O’Mahony

Premium dark, aged and golden lines are making consumers see rum in a new light


Convenience stores: A desert for healthy options? Video

31 May 2018 | By Emma Weinbren

No longer content to be an oasis of fags and booze, c-stores are upping their game in the health stakes. But there is plenty of work left to do

Lead image

Noodles: Can instant pots get a magic makeover? Video

23 May 2018 | By Ash O’Mahony

On-the-go noodles have long been associated with the lower end of the market. Now brands are looking to shake up their bargain-basement image

Soft drinks lead image

Soft drinks: will new recipes have the halo effect? Video

25 Apr 2018 | By Emma Weinbren

Sugar-laden drinks are suddenly public enemy number one. So can healthy, natural recipes rejuvenate the soft drinks industry?

lead image

Snacking gets exotic: on the hunt for unusual flavours Video

14 Mar 2018 | By Ash O’Mahony

Brands are launching everything from smoked salmon glitter crisps to pink peppercorn tortilla chips. But are these wacky new flavours really meeting a consumer need?

ice cream lead image

Low cal: the new ice cream hero? Video

01 Mar 2018 | By Ash O’Mahony

With a raft of NPD promising fewer calories, less sugar and higher protein content, ice cream is hoping to win over the more health-conscious shopper

Insects Cat image

Insects: the new hipster protein? Video

01 Feb 2018 | By Emma Weinbren

With a high protein content and appearance at a Justin Timberlake party, insect food suppliers are trying hard to position it as the next sushi. But will UK consumers bite?

Biscuits lead

Taking the biscuit: one in five Brits scoff whole cookie packs Video

30 Nov 2017 | By Ash O’Mahony

Biscuits are back in business. The category is enjoying a period of growth powered by NPD and new biscuit formats as brands look to provide new premium experiences for consumers. But where are opportunities being missed by the brands, and how is consumer demand driving the market?

Pet lead

Pampered pets! Are Britain's dogs and cats winning their place at the human dinner table? Video

09 Nov 2017 | By Ash O’Mahony

We can reveal that Brits are twice as likely to cut back on their own food expenditure than go scrimping on their pets’ dinners. What’s going on? 

on the go

Time to shape up? How food & drink to go can get healthier Video

18 Oct 2017 | By Natalie Brown

All hail the mighty salad! Once a humble side dish, salad is increasingly taking centre stage in meals eaten on the go, where it’s the fastest-growing meal type. Read on to find out who’s eating what and where, how the coffee shops are cashing in and whether Japanese-style bento boxes have what it takes to return the sector to volume growth.

hot beverages main image

Revealed: Why Brits are falling back in love with the cuppa Video

02 Oct 2017 | By Natalie Brown

Forget bogstandard tea, Brits are looking for ’qualitea’ as coffee shop culture spreads to the nation’s national brew

Dairy cow chasing man

The Dairymen digital special: Do Brits think dairy is scary?

14 Sep 2017 | By Carina Perkins

Dairy is under attack. What do Brits actually think about dairy? Are they on the brink of an exodus? And how can the industry convince them to keep buying into the category?

Breakfast lead

A lost generation: How to bring the young back to breakfast Video

31 Aug 2017 | By Rob Brown, Ellis Hawthorne

The hunt is on for breakfast’s lost generation: millennials. And we’ve unearthed new evidence that might help bring them back to the breakfast table. 

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