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Soft drinks digital

10 things you need to know about... soft drinks

27 Mar 2015

We’ve teamed up with brands, retailers and market experts to lift the lid on the hottest new trends. We’ve looked at how players are responding to the sticky issue of sugar, the next big growth opportunities and much more…

fizzy soft drink

Revealed: What consumers really think about soft drinks

27 Mar 2015 | By Rob Brown

An exclusive poll for The Grocer has revealed high levels of support for a fizzy drinks tax and tougher regulation on the sale of energy drinks


Spot the difference: soft drinks boundaries are blurring

27 Mar 2015 | By Natalie Brown

Energy waters, juice & spring water blends, fortified drinks… things are being mixed up in bottled water. Here’s how…

Little Miracles

Health matters: Brits splash out on low and no cal drinks

27 Mar 2015 | By Amy North

Despite the battering soft drinks get in the press, the industry is cutting sugar. But how are no and low sugar variants doing? 


Buyer Q&A: retailers must play an 'active role' in cutting sugar

27 Mar 2015 | By Amy North

We quiz buyers from Asda, Budgens and The Co-op on their favourite launches, pet hates and how the war on sugar is shaping the category

Coca-Cola Life index

Life flies high with 9% share of Coke's advertising spend

27 Mar 2015

Which brands are splashing the cash on ads in soft drinks? And to what effect? 

Lucozade social web resize

Monster is the most 'socially active' soft drink brand

27 Mar 2015 | By Rob Brown

Are BMX, big waves and boobs the only way to make a splash on Facebook? And why are many big brands not on it? 

ribena ad web resize

Posh squash brands defy the cooling cordials market

27 Mar 2015 | By Natalie Brown

Squashes and cordials with ’moderate’ natural sugar content have hit the sweet spot as pocket squash sales rocket…

Latvia birch 5

Money can grow on trees (or inside them at least)

27 Mar 2015 | By Amy North

Tree waters such as birch and maple could be destined for big things. The Grocer heads to Latvia to find out more about these unusual products

New Zealand: Pear and Basil Soda

Top 10 global launches: from pink Pepsi to artichoke water

27 Mar 2015 | By Amy North

With the help of Mintel, we’ve rounded up 10 of the hottest (and weirdest) soft drinks from around the world, from curry sausage flavour energy drinks to hemp ice tea.

soft drinks news

Orange Smarties

Nestlé reveals actions to meet 100% recyclable commitment

15 Jan 2019 | By Daniel Selwood

The food and drink giant intends to phase out all plastics between 2020 and 2025 that are not recyclable or are hard to recycle

Earlybirds breakfast drinks

Earlybirds to debut breakfast drink in bio-plastic bottle Subscription

15 Jan 2019 | By Daniel Selwood

A duo of HPP plant-based breakfast drinks will be available from March

Drink 420

Drink 420 to bring ‘highest’ CBD content to soft drink aisle Subscription

14 Jan 2019 | By Daniel Selwood

Created by Simplee Aloe co-founder Alex Lai, the new drink’s two variants contain 15mg of cannabidiol per 250ml can

Pepsi ad

Pepsi makes 'For the Love of It' marketing pledge

10 Jan 2019 | By Daniel Selwood

Pepsi this week revealed its global marketing tagline for 2019

Raspberry and Strawberry Coca-Cola

Coke adds more fruit variants to Diet and Zero Sugar ranges Subscription

08 Jan 2019 | By Daniel Selwood

The two sugar-free ranges will be backed by a £7m investment in 2019

 Meat and veg

'Planetary health diet’ provokes strong reactions… but will we change what we eat? Subscription

17 Jan 2019 | By Kevin White

Food production is currently “exceeding planetary boundaries”, a report warned today


Brexit isn’t a poker game – MPs must act now to end the nightmare for food and drink businesses Video Subscription

16 Jan 2019 | By Ian Quinn

The uncertainty that has gripped businesses since the referendum reached new levels last night

farming analysis

Britain’s future food policy should champion our quality... and boost UK output from and support for our farmers Subscription

15 Jan 2019 | By Carina Perkins

Unless there is a very dramatic reversal of the Brexit decision, there will be long-lasting consequences for the UK food and drink industry

coop on the go sandwiches meal deal aisle

Promotions consultation reflects government chaos, not commitment Subscription

14 Jan 2019 | By Ian Quinn

The way the consultation has been handled doesn’t say much for government’s commitment to public health as a priority



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