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10 Things You Need To Know About... Soft Drinks

30 Mar 2016

In the latest instalment of our series of digital features we reveal what consumers really think about the soft drinks tax and how concerns over sugar are already impacting the category

soft drinks sugar

More than half of Brits support sugar tax... but will it work?

30 Mar 2016

As the taxman chases soft drinks, a poll for The Grocer raises questions over how effective the sugar levy will be…

Zest adevrt by RPM

Creative challenge: can sugar be a virtue for soft drinks?

30 Mar 2016 | By Amy North

Can energy drinks be advertised without boobs and extreme sports? Is there such as thing as a relaxation drink? And can sugar ever be a virtue? We’ve asked creative agency RPM to find out…

Coke still

Video: What are the challenges of replacing sugar with stevia?

30 Mar 2016 | By Rob Brown

Production of a lower sugar version of Coke Life began in March. So why, and how, has Coke changed the recipe just 18 months after launch? 

ribena light ad campaign

Has the great sugar cull been enough to rescue kids drinks?

30 Mar 2016 | By Natalie Brown

Last year Tesco delisted a raft of added-sugar kids’ fruit juice drinks. So what impact has this had on sales?

Nichola Borg

Spar buyer: 2015 was a 'wake-up call' to soft drinks industry

30 Mar 2016 | By Amy North

Nichola Borg expects full-sugar drink ranges to reduce earlier than expected following the Chancellor’s sugar tax announcement

Germany: Algae Drink

Top 10 global launches: algae drinks to high-caffeine cola

30 Mar 2016 | By Amy North

With the help of Mintel, we’ve scoured the globe to find the best soft drinks innovations. Here’s what we came up with…

pepsi max rain event

Pepsi Max Cherry sweetens sales in sugar-battered market

30 Mar 2016 | By Natalie Brown

No sugar Pepsi Max delivers 12.4% growth for Britvic as rival Coke’s sales go flat

craft drinks

Craft pop sales sparkle as 'discerning' drinkers stock up

30 Mar 2016 | By Amy North

Small batch brands are cashing in as the craft scene spreads to soft drinks. But can mainstream players do craft? 

Coke taste the feeling ad

Coke splashes the cash as ad spend soars to £30m

30 Mar 2016 | By Amy North

Soft drinks brands are pouring money into traditional advertising with spend up 51.4%


Nix Kix

Adult soft drinks startup Nix & Kix backed by big hitters Subscription

17 Nov 2017 | By Edward Devlin

The adult soft drinks start-up Nix & Kix has secured almost £500,000 to raise brand awareness and expand its team…

Natural Drinks Co - Skinny Tonic and Agua Tierra

Natural Drinks Co unveils posh mixer to take on Fever-Tree Subscription

15 Nov 2017 | By Daniel Selwood

The business has kicked off a £750,000 Crowdcube drive to accelerate Skinny Tonic’s launch

Aqua Carpatica full range

Aqua Carpatica backs first UK mults listing with £3.5m push

13 Nov 2017 | By Daniel Selwood

The launch in to Tesco later this month will be supported by ’socially responsible marketing’

What a Melon Watermelon Water

What A Melon Watermelon Water: acid test Subscription

10 Nov 2017 | By Daniel Selwood

Our shoppers welcomed the “eye-catching” packaging for its “summery” appearance


Fever-Tree shares fizz 14% higher on 'exceptional' UK performance Subscription

07 Nov 2017 | By Edward Devlin

Shares in Fever-Tree (FEVR) soared by almost 14% today as the premium mixer brand lifted its profit expectation for 2017 thanks to a continued “exceptional” performance in the UK.



Check out this Mexican wave: from posh restaurants to retail, it’s a growing crowdpleaser Subscription

16 Nov 2017 | By Ash O’Mahony

Hold on to your sombreros. Mexican food has been voted Brits’ favourite cuisine this year

butters and spreads category report

Shoppers pushed to melting point over butter costing Two Whole Pounds Subscription

15 Nov 2017 | By Carina Perkins

Twitter is also going into meltdown over the prospect of buttery toast becoming a luxury in Brexit Britain

Tesco CMA Booker

Tesco-Booker debate all over bar the shouting (and screaming) Subscription

14 Nov 2017 | By Ian Quinn

The CMA has decided that even beasts with such scale as Tesco and Booker did not have the power to damage competition even if they wanted to …

Nisa Vote G

Nisa members have spoken. The rebels must accept the Co-op deal – or look elsewhere Subscription

13 Nov 2017 | By Ronan Hegarty

Nisa rebels are promising to go on the offensive and plan to convince the Competition & Markets Authority to nix the deal

Nisa Co-op vote composite pic

We are on the cusp of two watersheds in convenience history Subscription

09 Nov 2017 | By Adam Leyland

Today, Nisa members will vote on their future. And on Tuesday the wisdom or folly of their decision will be tested 



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