Tesco Centenary Special

To celebrate its 100th birthday, The Grocer has teamed with Tesco to create a special promotional supplement


Dave Lewis

Celebrating 100 years of Tesco

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We talk to CEO Dave Lewis about the turnaround of Tesco after the staggering losses of 2014—plus plastic pollution, his pride in colleagues and breaking a world dance record


1919 Army Photo of Jack Cohen

Happy 100th birthday to Tesco from The Grocer

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The story of Tesco’s transformation into a global retail giant is an inspiration



Tesco’s defining moments

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Here are a few of the standout moments in the story of Tesco so far, as it reaches the centenary of its birth


Jason Tarry

Interview: Jason Tarry, Tesco UK CEO

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We talk to Tesco UK CEO Jason Tarry about the most important moments in Tesco’s growth since he joined the business in 1990


Branston harvest 2

How Tesco works with suppliers

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Putting its ‘tough’ reputation firmly in the past, Tesco has developed a new, long-term partnership approach



Shaping the Tesco brand

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We talk about reaching customers with Alessandra Bellini, Tesco’s chief customer officer, and how this much-loved brand is back at the heart of everyday life