Integral VS Remote Refrigeration – CAPEX VS Long-Term Rental

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A new era dawns for integral refrigeration technology and the methods for financing refrigeration


Data Protection and Brexit. Is your organisation prepared?

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Guidance to help businesses and charities continue to comply with data protection law after the UK leaves the EU.


Is the future of food flexitarian?

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YouGov’s latest white paper looks at how cooking habits and food attitudes differ between those who eat meat and those who don’t


How can FMCG brands engage with youth

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Gen Z are the consumers of the future and their buying power will affect all brands’ bottom line


The coming AI revolution in retail and consumer products

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Intelligent automation is transforming both industries in unexpected ways…


How innovation is driving success in the confectionery sector

Innovation is driving success in the busy but creative confectionery sector


Seeking fresh solutions to your supply chain and logistics challenges?

What goes on behind the scenes in any retail envi­ronment may not be seen by many but is a massive operation requiring streamlined logistics solutions. 


Are you ready to export?

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While many exported British products are aimed at European customers, a looming no-deal Brexit is causing many to look to new and emerging markets in the face of the uncertainty this is causing.


Sustainability – don’t stand still

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Is plastic packaging your friend or foe? Are you making sustainable decisions that will retain your customers and attract new ones? Sustainability is high on every agenda and an opportunity for brands and retailers to make a difference to the planet and your bottom line.


How can food and drink manufacturers avoid supply-chain issues?

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The UK food and drink supply chain is a dynamic model of speedy efficiency, so even a minor disruption such as this summer’s CO2 shortage can create a ripple effect that magnifies as it widens. In this whitepaper, the most catastrophic and high-profile supply chain breakdowns are examined to understand what went wrong and why – and, crucially, what can food and drink manufacturers avoid supply-chain issues?


Food and drink report 2018

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Bray Leino surveyed 1,400 consumers in London, Wales and the North East on a range of behaviours and attitudes to food and drink. What is influencing their buying decisions? What are they buying more and less of? How do they feel Brexit will impact price and quality? What are the regional differences and what does this all tell us about how food and drink brands should approach their brand-building activity?


Accelerate your supply chain as retail pressure intensifies

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Big or small, Food and Drink manufacturers are under pressure. Supermarket range reviews, massive retail mergers, the backlash against plastic packaging and the ongoing unpredictability of Brexit are just some of the huge challenges facing them in 2018. 


A new model for launching new products

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As three in four new product launches currently fail within a year, Bray Leino’s new comms model suggests how the traditional approach can evolve to de-risk the launch process.


Sustainable solutions to the plastic packaging problem

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The challenge faced by our industry to deliver sustainable packaging whilst minimising food waste, managing cost, and meeting modern consumer demands grows ever greater. This complex issue for retailers, FMCG brands, own-label producers and across the packaging supply chain continues to gather pace. As an industry we all recognise that finding scalable, sustainable solutions to the plastic packaging problem is key.


The power of protein: 2018 category analysis

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The UK protein market has exploded. With more SKUs, NPDs and market entrants than ever before, protein popularity is prompting brands and retailers to evolve to meet the needs of increasingly health conscious shoppers.


Placing customer demand at the heart of your transformed supply chain

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Supply chain transformation has turned out to be a lot harder to achieve than anyone thought, and many retailers are watching their original goals slip away in a continually changing retail environment.


White Paper: Understand why today’s consumers demand more from convenience

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Convenience, a growing sector predicted to be worth £47.1 billion by 2022, used to mean an acceptance of higher prices with limited choice, but that isn’t the case today.


White Paper: Where do students shop for groceries?

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With exclusive access into 130 universities and student halls across the country, every year Dig-In Box delivers over 5 million product samples directly into the hands of UK students.  In 2017 43,000 students completed our 30 question survey about their shopping habits, lifestyle and influences.


White Paper: why the future of food and drink is plant-based

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As the UK celebrates the first Plant Power Day, leading influencers, analysts and thought leaders join forces to provide a comprehensive review – and preview – of the future of plant-based food and drink.



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