White Paper: 9 Questions brands want to ask about Gen Z, answered

25 Oct 2017

Never has a generation been so well connected to information, entertainment, and other people. Generation Z has been a focus for sensationalist headlines and cultural critique, but how much of it is true, and what do marketers need to do to appeal to this increasingly significant audience?


White Paper: What are the eight myths surrounding online shopping?

19 Oct 2017

It might seem like online shopping is growing at an exponential rate, with new formats, new technology and new functionality emerging every day.  But in reality, in-store sales still account for 95 per cent of all retail experiences worldwide, and 15 per cent in the UK.

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White Paper: Boost productivity and empower your workforce with RPA

06 Oct 2017

Retailers are under increasing pressure from new discount formats, online retailing and the introduction of the national living wage. They need new ways to boost productivity and empower their workforce to deliver great customer service – and get ahead of the competition.


Three top tips to becoming the superhero of the shelf

27 Sep 2017

Category management has been revolutionised. Today you need to become the superhero of the shelf to tackle the omnichannel and hyper-competitive environment. But how can you achieve this in a world where the real power rests with the shopper?


Challenge illusion of innovation & unlock £3bn in value

21 Sep 2017

The UK grocery market is going through a transformative phase because discounters have challenged the British public’s perception of product innovation.



How can the multiples beat the discounters?

23 Mar 2017

Aldi and Lidl are showing continued growth, but with 94% of customers shopping at both a multiple and a discounter, and with price only the fourth most important factor to a customer, the likes of Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s can still beat the discounters.


Whitepaper: Understand how customers connect with alcohol brands

16 Mar 2017

In an occasion-driven industry like alcoholic drinks, there is not an ‘off-the-shelf’ consumer touchpoint journey.


Whitepaper: Are you a UK food or drink company looking to expand your business into international markets?

18 Jan 2017

Are you a UK food or drink company looking to expand your business?


Whitepaper: What are the current trends in on-pack promotions?

25 Nov 2016

Hive can guarantee a saving of up to 80% on running on-pack promotions. So, if you are looking to run. or already are running on-pack promotions, we are experts at making them run better.


Whitepaper: Learn how to deliver ROI from food safety

11 Nov 2016

Learn how leveraging new food safety solutions can increase operational efficiencies and enable transparency from ‘Farm to Fork.’ Further creating trust between your business and consumer, while maximizing savings and gaining a tangible ROI.


Whitepaper: How Norway’s going above and beyond for seafood

29 Sep 2016

Discover how Norwegian seafood can help you meet new demands


Whitepaper: Post Brexit, what is the average basket spend in convenience, off-license and grocery?

28 Sep 2016

In a post-Brexit environment of financial concern, consumers are looking at their expenditures on a day to day basis. The way in which we shop is changing, with ‘little and often’ purchases of household essentials becoming the norm.


Whitepaper: Planning for profit in the F&B industry

22 Sep 2016

Brexit uncertainties. Demand unpredictability. Environmental accountability. Is your supply chain equipped to respond to the ever-changing market and new levels of planning complexity?


Whitepaper: 4 steps to turn supplier compliance into business growth

03 Aug 2016

Improve the management of supplier due diligence and accelerate business growth in four easy steps


Whitepaper: Staying on top of food safety - Fresh Insights Report

09 May 2016

Staying on top of food safety - Fresh Insights Report


Whitepaper: UK food and drink and retail market update 2016

29 Feb 2016

Aon’s latest UK insurance market update reports for 2016: Food and Drink and Retail


Whitepaper: Success and Brand Charisma; it’s not a happy accident

08 Jan 2016

jones knowles ritchie share what drives the Charisma of five of the world’s largest brands.


Whitepaper: Incontext Solutions – Go Beyond Purchase Intent with Virtual Reality

18 Nov 2015

Go Beyond Purchase Intent with Virtual Reality


Whitepaper: Food safety – Managing risk and restoring confidence

17 Sep 2015

Special report from Aon’s UK food and drink practice


Whitepaper: The art and science of brand charisma

11 Jun 2015

Leading design agency jones knowles ritchie recently conducted a study to understand the meaning and value of charismatic design.


Whitepaper: Is your brand charismatic?

31 Mar 2015

Leading design agency jones knowles ritchie recently conducted a study to understand the meaning and value of charismatic design.


Whitepaper: Exclusive Guide to integrated food bagging

17 Oct 2014

Get your interactive guide to integrated food bagging


Whitepaper: Better decision making with weather insights

14 Aug 2014

The weather gods are powerful. When the sun is shining they help sales to surge.…


Whitepaper: Retail weather forecasting EXCLUSIVE report

04 Jun 2014

Met Office Exclusive report Retail weather forecasting


Whitepaper: Commodity price volatility: the role of risk management

16 Jul 2013

Aon’s feature report Commodity price volatility: the role of risk management provides insight into the risk…

Aon's Insurance Market Update 2013

Whitepaper: Insurance Market Update - 2013 outlook

07 Feb 2013

Aon’s Insurance Market Update: Feature report for the Food and Drink sector and 2013 outlook


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