>>Hellmann’s is key to sector growth

The total sauces & condiments market has grown 1.9% to £537m [52 weeks ending July 17, 2005] in the latest year. The category attracts 98.5% of GB households, so there is little room for growth through attracting new consumers. Growth has to be achieved by boosting average spend, getting consumers to shop more often and spend more each time they shop.
Thick (such as tomato/brown sauces) & thin sauces (soya/Worcester sauces) is the largest sector with 34% value share, followed by salad accompaniments such as mayonnaise/salad dressing at 33%. Salad accompaniments were boosted by warm weather in the summer. It is now the fastest-growing sector, up 3%. Thick and thin sauces are also growing above the total market, up 2.2%.
Hellmann’s mayonnaise, Heinz Light Salad Cream and Hellmann’s extra light mayonnaise are driving overall sector growth. Hellmann’s Extra Light Mayonnaise, which was launched in January last year, nearly doubled in size in the latest year and is now the 13th largest brand in value within the sauces & condiments market.
Mustard has been in decline in the latest year. Pickles are now static, and vinegar is showing slight growth.
Iceland and the Co-ops are under-trading compared with total packaged grocery. Waitrose is highly over-trading in the category.
Zoe Goodman, TNS Superpanel
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