RR Spink and Sons, a subsidiary of Scot Trout and Salmon, has relaunched the Arbroath Smokie into the multiples - a line that is now covered by Protected Geographical Indication.
The Arbroath Smokie is a hot smoked headless and gutted whole haddock sold in a pair, deep golden to mid brown externally and creamy white internally. The smoking process practised in the Arbroath region is largely unchanged from the 19th century.
With PGI status now awarded, the product can only be called an Arbroath Smokie if it is produced within a five mile radius of Arbroath town centre.
“This is a product that really captures the imagination,” said Scot Trout sales and marketing manager Jim Gourley.
The RR Spink smokehouse is up and running. It received a £91,000 grant from the Scottish Executive.
Scot Trout is also planning instore sampling to boost the return of the line. The first multiple to take the Smokie on board is Sainsbury. Rsp is £4.99.