Return to potatoes' roots works for crisps

Jonathan Gabay Brand forensics expert, Brand Forensics Sir; It's definitely the season to be PC and embrace green values. Just about everyone - from politicians to grocers - is at it. Walkers crisps has jumped on the bandwagon, being vigilant to keep its carbon footprint to a minimum by not driving the old wagon too far from home, as well as carrying the Carbon Trust's carbon label on its products. Walkers' potatoes will be sourced from British growers, reducing miles between farm and store. Now vice president of Walkers' marketing John Goldstone is going retro, redesigning the brand's packaging with a return to pre-2006 colours and tweaking the typeface to reflect traditional wholesome values ('Walkers goes back to basics with retro image', The Grocer, 30 June, p60). Just in case all this 'returning to natural brand goodness' is too much for the average 2007 crisp shopper to take, the brand is reintroducing its popular Worcester sauce ­flavour crisps, as well as a new ­Cajun Spice flavour designed to taste as good as the real thing in Louisiana. This all goes to show that, when it comes to being environmentally aware, politicians and pundits need to remember the importance of being drenched in 100% traditional British values and standing up for the good old PC - potato crisp.