With Mary Portas floundering in her role as High Street Saviour, Bill Grimsey arrived to save the day.

The self-styled “turnaround specialist”, whose track record is open to interpretation, launched his own version of the Portas high street review in September and garnered a lot of publicity in the process, not least by attacking Portas at every opportunity.

Reaction to his review was mixed. Although it was widely acknowledged that some of his suggestions made sense, others were met with derision. And rather than bring him into the fold, the government’s new high streets minister Brandon Lewis was quoted in November as saying “a lot of [The Grimsey Review] was a load of crap.” Grimsey had a Plan-B up his sleeve, however, an e-petition that would force the government to debate his review it if he got 100,000 signatories. He got 917.

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