Beauty products

Seventies favourite Brut is back and it is now being targeted at the 30-year-old "kids" of the original Brut generation. A recent revival in "big hair" has also brought hair spray to the forefront of the beauty product aisles with old favourite Harmony leading the way.

Confectionery and snacks

The trend for buying childhood favourite sweets led to a revival of all kinds of confectionery. Poppets was quick to cash in on this, and the revival spilled into bagged snacks such as Ringos.


Blue Nun, Mateus and Cinzano are all back in fashion, the latter recently relaunched as Spritzz Up to appeal to a new generation. At-home cocktail making is also on the rise, and cider is now the drink of the noughties.

The original ready meals

Smash and Spam have been steady favourites in many British households since the seventies, but both brands have recently been updated to appeal to today's supermarket shopper.