RH Amar is aiming to raise the profile of an adult soft drink that is brewed like a beer and even has a frothy head.

The importer and distributor has taken on distribution of The Juice Brewery's Soft Brew drinks range, which is made with hops, malt, barley and fruit juices but without yeast, so it is alcohol-free. It is available in apple and citrus flavours, with each bottle (rsp: £1.26/275ml) containing 100 calories.

The brand is already ­listed in Waitrose and Selfridges, and has an exclusive line in M&S, but hopes the new distribution deal will encourage further supermarket listings.

"We're aiming to be dominant in the UK before expanding overseas," said The Juice Brewery CEO Tina Beattie, adding that the Middle East and Asia were its next obvious targets.

The Juice Brewery plans to support the launch with social media activity this autumn.