Richmond Foods has cut 20% of its Treats and Nestlé ice cream portfolio, including Kit Kat Chunky, to make way for new products. The company, the major producer of own label ice cream, acquired the Nestlé portfolio last year but does not have the equipment to make the Kit Kat ice cream. Instead newcomers are aimed squarely at kids, with one litre plastic Rolos, Smarties and Rowntrees ice cream tubs heading the take home market (rsp: £2.79). New Wonkas SuperSour and Monsters Eyeball lollies appear in both mutipacks (£1,99, six-pack) and impulse (60p and 65p respectively), while new Munch Bunch fromage frais lollies are available in a pack of eight (£1.59). Smarties Pop Ups also move into six-packs (£2.49). Trial price promotions are planned. There are also new faces in the Treats pocket money range including Sherbet Shock (35p) and a football-shaped lolly (45p). Stocks of Kit Kat Chunky ice cream should last until the end of this year. The situation will be reviewed then. {{P&P }}